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"DC" Caldwell requests your support to run for SBOE District 11

Daniel Caldwell's Bio:

DC Caldwell is a candidate in each party's primary because we should have more unity and less division and an inclusionist rather than exclusionist philosophy. Prior to studying law, DC was already a holistic intellectual and life-long student with broad interests and aptitudes divided into a few different categories. If you would like to support the campaign, donations are accepted at or  Issues and Agenda Items: CAMPAIGNING - As his former Texas Southern University classmates can attest, DC is friendly and outgoing even when his only agenda is to make the world a happier place, participating in and other community outreach. During his years in the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at TSU, most people who heard of DC know him as that guy whose event was cancelled by the university president to end a protest. Sadly, both the protesters and the guest speaker were silenced. DC previously ran for election to be a trustee for the Austin Community College District As a matter of principle, DC runs because he does not believe people should be given up on as a lost cause. DC fundamentally believes there is always room for improvement. For those constituents whose native language is something other than English, coming to DFW from outside the U.S., DC also speaks Spanish and studied basic ASL, French, and German. COMPARISONS - On a college-student budget, DC remains below the $900 threshold for reporting, so he has to have a grassroots campaign, talking to people individually everywhere he goes. Building communities - DC earned the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Award as a teenager. Attending high school near Augusta before joining the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M, DC was also recognized for outstanding contributions to the community as a Georgia Scholar and National Merit Scholar. Coming from a family with nurses and a doctor for sisters, DC's long-term goals include improving public health through physical fitness and recreation.  Civil service - As a former military volunteer in the Texas State Guard and a clerk with non-profit, government, and social organizations, DC understands the role that strict regulations play in impairing--even handicapping--the ability of individuals, companies, and agencies to fill needs in the society they are intended to protect. DC would like to correct regulatory excesses with a policy philosophy of Keep It Short & Simple. Education - DC taught high school geometry and precalculus in a high-need district, and DC genuinely enjoys helping others learn and grow to reach SMART goals. DC is licensed in early childhood, ESL, P.E., secondary English language arts and reading, math, science, and social studies, and special education.   Infrastructure - With a Civil Engineering degree, DC's interest had been in project permitting to facilitate implementing high quality of life standards for the greatest number possible. Specific to Tarrant County, DC has identified parts of I-35W that were poorly designed, but which can be inexpensively improved with minimal construction. DC is an American by birth and a Texan by choice. 

Daniel Caldwell's Experience:

  • Commissioned Notary Public at Secretary of State

    Signing Agent - Witness and authenticate signatures, administer oaths, close loans and title transfers.

  • Educator: Early Childhood to Adult at Various Independent School Districts

    Teacher and Substitute (endorsed for Elementary & Secondary Generalist, ESL, Science / Math, Special Ed.) - Establish and maintain routines to effectively manage and engage up to 8 class periods daily. - Prepare lessons, provide instruction, guide learners, conduct assessments, and report scores. - Instruct elementary and secondary students as indicated in curriculum lesson plans. - Encourage learning and creativity while maintaining classroom order and discipline. - Report exceptional performance or behavior, any deviations from established schedules, and progress toward school-specific goals.

  • Innocence Project Law Clerk at Earl Carl Institute - Center for Criminal Justice

    Legal Research Intern - Assist Professor Anthony Haughton to prepare presentations for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers 2017 Making the Case for Life Seminar over topics including Race on Your Team and in the Case and Use of Narrative in Capital Cases

  • Poll Worker at Various County Elections Departments

    Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar, Election-Day Judge / Alternate, Spanish Bilingual Early Voting Clerk - Register voters, hire workers, set-up polling locations, attest ballot counts, and return supplies

  • Certified Associate in Project Management at Project Management Institute

    Subject Matter Expert - Developed questions for CAPM credentialing exam, scored submissions for PMI awards committee.

  • Grocery Stocker at HEB

    Night Crew - Unload trucks, sort pallets, shelve merchandise, clean floors, load bailer, and help customers.

  • Engineering Student Worker at Texas Engineering Extension Service

    Teaching & Research Assistant - Peer-taught engineering foundations common body of knowledge courses. - Inventoried lab supplies, corrected safety violations, assembled & tested electronics equipment, suggested revisions for article submissions, drafted record drawings, other as requested.

  • CIS Student Worker II at Texas A&M University

    IT/Helpdesk Staff - Provide customer service to computer lab users, maintain printing operations, and support problem ticket resolution.

  • Counselor at Brigham Young University

    EFY Summer Youth Program - Lead and teach young men and women in a week-long retreat focused on building faith and instilling character values.

Daniel Caldwell's Education:

  • Texas Southern University - Thurgood Marshall School of Law

    Juris Doctor
    Concentration: Judicial Administration
    Activities: 1L- Child Welfare & Adoption Moot Court, Participant; TMSL Ambassadors, New Ambassador; 2L- Federalist Society for Law & Public Policy Studies, Chapter President; Mock Trial, Auditor; Certificates: LexisNexis® Legal Research and Professional Research; Law Student Pro Bono College
  • Tarrant County College

    Concentration: Continuing Education
  • Parker University

    Chiropractic Student
    Concentration: Global Wellness
    Activities: Center for Teaching & Learning, Tutor; DC Students Serve, President
  • Austin Community College

    Non-degree coursework
    Concentration: Life Sciences
    Activities: Pre-Med Student and Candidate for ACC District Board of Trustees, Place 9 - Secured 112,873 votes (49.2%) Aug. 2012 – Nov. 2012
  • Texas A&M University

    Bachelor of Science
    Concentration: Civil Engineering, minor in Mathematics
    Activities: Aggie Corps Training Program, NROTC Color Guard; Arnold Air Society, AFROTC Cadet; Society of American Military Engineers, Member; Project Management Institute, CAPM®
  • University of Utah

    Non-degree coursework
    Concentration: Mathematics
    Activities: Summer program for high school students (number theory and cryptography)

Daniel Caldwell's Interests & Activities:

We would appreciate your support for running to become the SBOE Member for District 11. DC graduated from the Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law, where he was the founding president of the TMSL Federalist Society student chapter. During that time, DC accepted invitations to attend the 2018 Texas state conventions of both the Republican and Democrat parties. DC also served as the Vice President of the Young Americans for Liberty & Turning Point USA student chapter, an organization dedicated to promoting free speech and individual rights. I have made several web profiles over the years, most recently Please contact me if you feel to give an endorsement, donation, or other campaign contribution. For inquiries, please look me up and reach out on any of these web pages. DC Daniel Caldwell on, DC Daniel Caldwell on, DC Daniel Caldwell on, DCaldwell Texas on, DCaldwell Texas on, Daniel J Caldwell on, Daniel J Caldwell on, etc. Specialties: DC's current certifications include:   -             Texas Board of Professional Engineers – Civil EIT (Engineer In Training) 40297  -             Texas Education Administration – Certified Educator 1465537  -             Texas Secretary of State – Commissioned Notary Public 129992016  In addition to the Social Stream links, DC can be found by typing his name, Daniel Caldwell, into a search engine (such as google, bing, or yahoo) along with Tarrant County. GOVERNMENT SERVICES - Thankfully, I have not heard the same complaints here heard in Dallas, including delays in repairing/filling major potholes on public roads that cause damage to vehicles that run over them and possible injuries to passengers. Instead, the road problems are excessive congestion caused largely by poor design of locations to merge lanes without any routes around the back-ups. CONSTRUCTION - As a civil engineering graduate, I understand the importance of building and maintaining a healthy infrastructure. Rather than borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for every project proposed, this includes being selective about where to spend the money optimally for efficient use of taxes to actually add value. 6 May 2015 - I have proposed that, using cost estimates provided by TxDoT, [several] on/off ramps along [I-35W] could be re-configured for under $200,000 in order to provide congestion relief by effectively letting the service road function as an additional 2 lanes of freeway without major construction. EARTHQUAKES - You probably felt them, and the sentiment seems to be that they are increasing soil settlement which is leading to physical property damage, and that blame belongs to the companies that were fracking for oil in Irving near the old Cowboys stadium. My position here is that the city attorney should be instructed to advocate seeking compensatory damages set aside in a trust fund on behalf of residents affected for a class action lawsuit in state or federal court, since the city does not have direct jurisdiction. However, to do so, I believe the City of Irving would also have to join suit as a co-plaintiff. The parties would then have to agree on which firm or agency to retain as lead counsel for the case. If there are other actions that may be taken, I am happy to listen to those suggestions. HOUSING - 6 May 2015 I have asserted for quite some time that the mainly industrial-only core of District 6 be re-zoned to allow mixed and residential use. While the mayor can brag that Retail and Residential vacancies in the city are at nearly all-time lows, this is only because huge swaths of vacant commercial property are prohibited from being used, which I assert makes his claims less valid and accurate. We need to simplify our zoning codes to be less restrictive. PARKS & PUBLIC HEALTH - 28-Jan-2015 Today in the City Council meeting, the main issues discussed were increasing the funding to pick up litter and empty trash containers at city parks (which I believe community organizations should be asked to help with rather than the city outsourcing it to Good Earth Inc. for tens of millions of dollars a year) and adding $53,000/year to that for the Parks department to implement a system just for counting park users (which I would have opposed). Afterwards, comment was taken on a previously deferred motion to spend another million dollars to keep adding fluoride to the city water (which I oppose). 5-May-2015 Several of the West Dallas residents I spoke with complained that parks do not have pavilions or running water for a drinking fountain or sanitation facilities with a toilet. I also propose that having a sign for Bachman Lake Park before the Harry Hines exit from northbound IH-35E would make more people aware of the park we have which really provides more amenities than White Rock Lake despite being smaller and relatively unknown. TRINITY TOLL ROAD - 9 March 2015 This project would cost the city more than half its annual budget in initial outlays and not provide comparable value to return the investment. I stand with several other candidates, and a few office holders, to oppose the spoilage of the river which would result because this project was given a special exception from environmental standards. UNEMPLOYMENT - The first major issue that personally motivated me to run for city council is seeing the city's homelessness problem. Anyone spending more than a few minutes downtown will be approached in short order by somebody smoking a cigarette and asking for a couple dollars for food, a DART ticket, a place to sleep because the shelter does not admit people after a certain time, or to support their habit. How do we best help them get off the street? Make a better place for them to go. I have been to the Bridge to see what it is like and why they do not go there, and it was not a pleasant experience. With the 2+ hour intake time between filling out a lengthy packet and waiting (where they shred your paperwork immediately if you are in the bathroom when your name is called), it is understandable that many people would rather sleep on the street than deal with the bureaucratic headache. Besides, when they are told to be there by 4pm to get a bed for the night, that means they cannot work any job or attempt to market whatever skills they do have in the afternoon/evening if it might conflict with being there after that time. The sacrifice of freedom is more than many are willing to pay. This impacts the rest of the city with itinerants looking for another place to hustle or make a quick buck even if it means crime. Furthermore, the vagrants deter development and growth. My basic proposal is to hire a few extra staff to enable 24-hour processing and to shorten the check-in time following the model of the Haven for Hope in San Antonio. Another related issue I want to improve is reducing the 60-day wait period between when an application window closes and when applicants can even sit for the written/multiple-choice civil service examination(s), which is a deterrent to many highly qualified, interested, and available applicants even applying. We can and should accelerate the hiring selection process.

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